Gateway West

Gateway West will help Idaho Power’s customers reliably get as much energy as they need when they need it, even as population and energy demand soar. This transmission line will enable Idaho Power to move energy efficiently across our system or import it from outside our service area to meet customer needs, especially in the summer.

A well-connected grid — with projects like Gateway West and Boardman to Hemingway — allows more efficient sharing and use of energy between regions. This keeps prices down by reducing the total amount of plants, power lines, substations and other equipment needed to meet each region’s needs. Sometimes, when our customers don’t need as much energy, like in the fall and spring, we can sell surplus energy on the market and use projects like Gateway West and Boardman to Hemingway to send it to the buyers. The proceeds from those sales help keep our customers’ costs down.

PacifiCorp, Gateway West’s majority owner, has begun construction on Gateway West in Wyoming. Pre-construction, which includes siting, permitting and engineering studies, has begun in Idaho. We expect the portions of the line that we partly own to start coming online in 2028.

A map of the Gateway West route across southern Wyoming and southern Idaho, showing segments one through ten.

You can find more information, including project schedules, on PacifiCorp’s project webpage (This link will send you to a third-party website. Idaho Power is not responsible for the content or accuracy of information on third-party websites.).

Contact Information

If you have questions about the Gateway West project, or have information you want to share, contact us at or 1-888-757-6957.